Watch These College Girls Perform Beyoncé's 'Flawless' Dance On Airport Walkway

Now boarding at Gate Bey.

When you're stuck at the airport, options are pretty limited when it comes to keeping yourself occupied. You can watch the endless loop of CNN, you can stay glued to your phone if there's free Wi-Fi, you can read or you can buy overpriced drinks. That's about it.

Or so we thought! When members of the University of Oregon Acrobatics & Tumbling Team were stuck at San Francisco International Airport for 13 hours after a meet, they decided to film a choreographed dance to Beyoncé's "Flawless" on the people-mover.

It makes for a great YouTube clip, but it had to have been a mighty inconvenience to anyone trying to actually get to their gate using the moving walkway?

Yahoo reports that the team members are Erika Schaefer, Brooke Gansemer, Jalen Kirkland and Nicole Seybold. And they almost certainly woke up like this, probably on the floor next to an outlet and a woman reading a Danielle Steel novel.