Katy Perry's Super Bowl Sharks Just Landed Their Second Major Gig

Even sharks need steady work.

You didn't think Left Shark And Right Shark were gonna just keep swimming around aimlessly after tasting the red hot spotlight of the big time, did you? Nope, the most famous Selachii on the planet have quickly moved on from their Super Bowl half-time gig with Katy Perry to another major TV booking.

Or have they?

In a new ad for ESPN's "SportsCenter," we see the pair exiting a frosty car on their way to work at the sports network's headquarters in snow-bound Bristol, Connecticut. "Man, I can't believe they sent us down here to work," Right Shark complains as he and his lesser dancing partner enter the building.

"Me either," replies Lefty in the latest "This is SportsCenter" spot. "Hey, I wasn't too out of sync, was I?" Good one. Turns out Righty is "SportsCenter" anchor John Anderson (not hottie KP dancer Scotty Myrick) and Left is co-anchor Bram Weinstein (not sync-less dancer Bryan Gaw).

And, because one enterprising artist learned the hard way that you can't just go around sharking it up without permission, the spot credits "Katy Perry, Baz Halpin and Marina Toybina" for creating the costumes.