Watch Haim Get Funky With Morris Day And The Time


What do you get when you combine Morris Day and the Time with the Grammy-nominated sisters of Haim? Musical excellence, that’s what.

The two seemingly incongruous musical groups came together Monday (Feb. 9) night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to form the supergroup known as Morris Day and the Haim.

For their inaugural live “Mash Up Mondays” performance, the band served up the 1983 hit, “Jungle Love,” live before a studio audience.

Dressed in a snappy yellow suit and leopard-print shoes, the “Purple Rain” star took center stage and strutted, preened and put the “F” back in funk while Este, Danielle and Alana sang backup, hitting the “O-E-O-E-O” refrain with absolute glee.

The highlight, though, was when Este stepped forward to join Morris for the bridge. Watching the long-legged bassist kept time with the legend’s signature dance moves is nothing short of amazing.