Armed Carjacker Gets Jacked Up In Real-Life 'GTA' Attempt: Watch

This is highway robbery. Not the best plan.

An Australian man apparently tried to steal a car at gunpoint ... and underestimated its velocity. The insane resulting collision was the culmination of a chain of events straight out of a "Grand Theft Auto" game, except, y'know, real.

On Thursday, John Tough and Calin McCabe allegedly led police on a four-hour, 93-mile chase involving a string of car thefts, even hitting a police officer with their automobile, UPI reports. Eventually they were forced to abandon a stolen Mitsubishi Lancer after driving over road spikes, according to authorities.

Once the two suspects bailed, police say, Tough ran into oncoming traffic on the highway and shot at officers and drivers. But one driver unexpectedly slammed the gas. Here's footage:

Tough was arrested shortly after impact, and his accomplice was reportedly cuffed without incident. (Well, without further incident.)

The duo was charged with intent to murder, discharging a firearm to avoid arrest, attempted carjacking and a violation of Skye's law, which is Australia's law for suspects who lead authorities on dangerous chases.