EXCLUSIVE: Check Out The Weep-Worthy Cover of 'What's Broken Between Us'

This looks like a sad one.

Now that the Grammys are over, you're probably looking for some kind of meaning in your life. Something to mark down on your calendar and stare at with barely contained anticipation. Might we suggest a new book? Perhaps Alexis Bass' "What's Broken Between Us"? Lucky for you, we have some lovely eye candy to get you started: the official cover of the December 2015 release.

The prettiness -- it hurts!

So what's behind that pretty cover? That would be the story of Amanda Tart, a teen tormented by her brother Jonathan's mistakes. Jonathan was the cause of a fatal accident, and after spending a year in prison, he's finally on his way home.

I know. We can't wait until December to find out what happens, either. Start counting down the day!