The Most Uncomfortable Nomination Ceremonies In 'Challenge' History

Sometimes, it's the storm before the calm.

If you thought politics got dirty on Capitol Hill, you clearly haven't seen an episode of "The Challenge."

On last week's "Battle of the Exes 2" episode, Wes and Theresa, who'd been dying for a chance to send their nemeses Johnny Bananas and Nany into an elimination round, finally got their shot -- and when the guillotine came down, all hell broke loose, making for one particularly uncomfortable nomination ceremony. Fireworks: Suitable for the Fourth of July and "Challenge" votes!

Johnny and Nany tried to keep their cool but ultimately lost it on their rivals and found themselves fired up long before they even stepped foot into The Arena. They weren't the first to go nuts after the game's ballots had been submitted, though. Look at the most uncomfortable election proceedings the show has seen, tell us if we missed one that stood out to you and be sure to tune in to the next "Challenge" episode Tuesday night at 11/10c!

    Latoya's nomination, "Free Agents"
    Throw her into an elimination round once, and she'll take it on the chin, but throw her in again, and you'd better be wearing a helmet. When rookie LaToya got a nod for an elimination sequel, she tried to keep her cool. But when Jordan started getting on her nerves during the ceremony, she let him have it. Sarah's nomination, "The Gauntlet" Though it's been more than a decade since Sarah won her one and only "Challenge," her record five elimination victories still hasn't been beaten. That being said, greatness didn't come without struggle, and when Sarah was voted into the Gauntlet for a fourth time -- even after she explained that one of her own team members had mistakenly knocked her out of the day's mission -- she finally gave Road Rules a piece of her mind. Wes and Evelyn's nomination, "The Ruins"
    Though the Champions claimed they planned to send Evelyn into the Ruins against KellyAnne to knock out a strong competitor from the Challengers team, Ev -- who was a good friend of KellyAnne's -- couldn't help but take the vote personally. And when the Champions also tossed in Wes, who was dating KellyAnne during the show's filming, the Earth began to seriously shake. Jodi and Veronica's nominations, "Inferno 2" An eventual "Challenge" legend, Jodi was just finding her footing during "Inferno 2," and when she and the Good Guys pulled a fast one over the Bad Ass team by saving their vote until they'd heard Team Red's, Veronica & Co. let their horns show. Waiting a beat to decide between V and Tonya wasn't technically against the rules for Team Blue, but as far as V saw it, it was as underhanded as underhanded gets, and she was happy to let Jodi know. Landon's nomination, "Duel II"
    If "Challenge" performances boiled down to report cards, Landon would have nearly perfect marks, and the "Duel II" would be his only academic blemish. Landon, who sought to make the game's final elimination vote fair, was unwittingly nominated when he left the room for a moment, and when he realized he'd been duped, he was pissed. No, he didn't blow up, but the house remained a tense spot until his unlikely elimination. Frank and Jillian's nomination, "Gauntlet 3"
    By the end of "Gauntlet 3," Jillian and Frank each walked away with their deserved shares of a championship check, but their roads to bigger bank accounts weren't cleanly paved. When the Rookie Team tried to vote in Jillian for a third consecutive time, Frank reached his breaking point and lashed out against his teammates for their cruelty. Way to put our censors to work, Frank! Diem's nomination, "The Duel"
    Sure that Diem would win the day's mission, Aneesa swore to Diem she wouldn't vote her into the Duel if she wound up with such a choice. Welp, Diem didn't win the day's mission, Aneesa did wind up with a such a choice and, as there were only two potential opponents to choose from -- one of whom was Aneesa's BFF Svetlana -- Diem turned out to be the only option. Thus, a "Rivals II" team was born...