Madonna's Grammy Performance Was Basically An Illuminati Matador Orgy

... and we have the GIFs to prove it!

Madonna seemed to pay tribute to a number of things during her 2015 Grammy Awards performance of "Living for Love" -- the ancient Spanish tradition of bullfighting, the TV show "Hannibal," Gaga's 2009 VMAs performance -- but all in all, we're convinced that Madge's show-stopping number was a full-on appreciation ritual for the Illuminati.

True, her video for "Living for Love" is remarkably similar to Sunday night's (Feb. 8) Grammy performance, but seeing the larger-than-life, masked matadors kill the Queen of Pop -- and watching her "dead" body ascend from the stage afterward -- was undoubtedly stolen straight from the pages of the Illuminati how-to manual. (Because such a thing definitely exists.)

Don't believe us? Check out the proof!

  1. She has Illuminati-level "bitches."

    Miley and Nicki? Yeah, they're definitely in.

  2. Those background lights are totally in the shape of a pyramid.


  3. Her dancers were in full-blown ritual mode.

    Tell me that's not an Illuminati blood orgy. You're lying.

  4. There were clear nods to organized religion.

    Everybody is involved... everybody! Except you.

  5. The whole thing was a giant metaphor.

    Madonna's on-stage "death" was a clear metaphor for what will happen to us if we continue to ask questions! BRB, going into hiding until forever.