Watch This 12-Year-Old Girl With Down Syndrome Make 'All Of Me' Even More Beautiful

Even John Legend saw the video!

John Legend’s beautifully sincere ballad “All Of Me” is stunning as it is, but 12-year-old Madison Tevlin’s take on it gives a whole new meaning to celebrating someone’s “perfect imperfections.”

Madison was born with Down’s Syndrome, which makes it statistically harder for her to sing. According to a recent study from Down Syndrome Education International, “very few people” with Down’s are able to sing at all. And even if they can, their voices tend to be gruff and low-pitched, and it takes more energy for them to use their vocal muscles.

But Madison is a huge John Legend fan, so she decided to defy expectations by taking vocal lessons and memorizing “All Of Me” in its entirety. The result is an incredibly moving rendition of the song that Madison absolutely nails… especially with those insane high notes!

Her confident rendition of the song even made it to Legend himself— the singer retweeted the video, which obviously made Madison ecstatic.

Way to go, girl!