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Remember When BB Nick Jonas Hit On Vanessa Minnillo On 'TRL' In 2006?

Plus 99 other things you may not know about the singer.

On this most glorious of glorious Saturdays (Feb. 7), MTV's going to air "100 Things About Nick Jonas" bumpers in the breaks between their TV shows from 11:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sorry about all those plans you now have to cancel!

What kind of random factoids will you learn about the "Jealous" singer by tuning in? Ummmmm, how about the fact that once when he visited "TRL" with his fellow Jonas Brothers in 2006, he tried to hit on host Vanessa Minnillo? Considering she goes by "Vanessa Lachey" these days, you can guess how successful Nick's game was.

You'll also learn that Nick -- who will present this Sunday at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards -- loooooves watching "Game Of Crowns," weeps every time he sees "Dead Poets Society," and used to sneak down into his basement to watch "The Real World" when he was a kid.

Oh, and there'll be plenty of this, too.