Mayer RCF / Splash News

Allow Us To Caption This Priceless Lauren Conrad Photo

With ''Hills'-inspired thoughts, natch.

During Lauren Conrad's Hollywood "Hills" days, the Laguna Beach native was known for making more than a few unique facial expressions. From that stern "you know what you did" stare to that unforgettable, ecstatic reaction with fellow Teen Vogue intern Whitney Port, LC's eyes/nose/mouth perfectly captured exactly how she was feeling at that particular camera moment.

Now, during Mrs. Tell's latest public appearance at the John Frieda Hair Care Beach Blonde Collection Party in New York City, one photographer managed to capture this single humorous millisecond of the erstwhile MTV star making her way inside the Big Apple bash:

Mayer RCF / Splash News

In honor of this sensational snap, we took the liberty of coming up with several potential "Hills"-tinged thoughts that might have been running through Lauren's head during this exact frame of GOLD:

  1. "Are Speidi seriously at the same event as me right now?"
  2. "What do you mean there's a line at Les Deux?!"
  3. "Oooff, can't believe Justin Bobby is wearing those clunky combat boots to the beach..."
  4. "Shoot -- forgot my work ID at home, so hopefully Whit can let me into the Teen Vogue closet office."
  5. "Did I really just call someone 'a sucky person'? My b!"
  6. "Mayyyyyyyyybe I shouldn't have just kissed Brody in Vegas..."
  7. "Ugh, that date was dreadful" -- told to Lo on the couch post-awkward outing, with a pint of ice cream
  8. "Darn it, didn't apply my waterproof mascara today."

+ Do you have any other "Hills"-inspired suggestions for this incredible photograph? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!