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Incubus Triumphantly Return With A New Song That Fills The Incubus-Sized Hole In Our Hearts

Get ready to totally freak out with joy.

Incubus' music has soundtracked so many of our lives. From “Anna Molly” to the heavy-yet-ethereal joy that is “Stellar,” they’ve proven themselves to be dynamic yet committed to an edgy sound that evolves yet stays true to their gritty, gravely rock roots.

Naturally, when Billboard reported in December 2014 that Incubus would be releasing not one, but two EPs in 2015, I was screaming internally (and probably externally) with delight.

It’s been four years since Incubus’ last album, If Not Now, When?, was released, but today the group graced us with the awesomeness that is their new single, "Absolution Calling." Check out the lyric video below:

Me/you/us right now:

"Absolution Calling" is technically the second new song we've heard from Incubus in recent times -- they debuted their single, "Trust Fall," at a show in December 2014.

In conclusion: Incubus, we missed you enormously, love you eternally, and can't wait to heart what you do next.