The Doctors

Watch Justin Bieber Surprise This Teen Burn Victim With Flowers And Hugs

'I just wanted to say how proud I am of you,' JB told Kilee Brookbank.

Justin Bieber has already put us on notice that he's aware his past behavior has not always been the greatest. So, after humbling himself on "Ellen" and then in an apology video, Bieber continued his image rehab tour on Thursday (Feb. 5) with a surprise pop-in on "The Doctors."

JB made his debut appearance on the syndicated health show during a segment about an accidental explosion at home that resulted in severe burns all over teen Kilee Brookbank's body. The 16-year-old was injured in November when she came home from school and noticed an odd odor in the house and lit a candle to combat the smell, unwittingly igniting a massive fireball due to an unseen propane leak in the house.

With 45 percent of her body burned, including 25 percent with third degree damage, the Georgetown, Ohio, teen was airlifted to a nearby children's hospital in horrific pain from the injuries on her hands, face, scalp and torso. Just two months after the incident, though, sporting a pixie haircut and a winning smile, Kilee appeared on the show, where doctors said her prognosis is good.

The Doctors

"You’re lucky to be alive," plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon told her. "That is a potentially deadly injury." Because third degree burns penetrate through the dermis and the epidermis, eventually reaching the fat, that skin cannot grow back. Kilee will need several skin grafts to repair the damage, but she said she's feeling positive.

"I feel good about it," she said. "I think I’ll be able to make a full recovery."

The Doctors

In addition to a $4,000 gift card to help her family redecorate their home, Kilee got a surprise visit from Bieber, who snuck up behind and gave her a big hug and a huge bouquet of roses.

"First of all, I just wanted to say how proud I am of you," Bieber told Kilee. "The message I want to get out there is that you inspire us so much, I think you inspire everybody in this audience, everybody across the world, you inspire me."