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Selena Gomez Literally Cannot Pronounce Zedd's Real Name: Watch

Zasla... What now?

Zeddlena (that's Zedd plus Selena Gomez) is basically the only thing we’ve had on our minds lately, to be honest. The musical power duo have been flooding our feeds lately with their trippy bowling dates, elevator selfies, and this hilarious Twitter exchange between Sel and Diplo.

But even after spending all that time together, there’s apparently one thing Z & S may need to settle before taking their relationship to the next level: How the eff do you pronounce Zedd's name?

No, we’re not talking about “Zedd” -- that one’s a no-brainer. His REAL name, however, doesn't roll off the tongue quite so easily.

The Russian-German producer was born Anton Zaslavski, which is QUITE the #euro mouthful, so can you really blame Texas sweetheart Sel for being totally stumped by it?

The “Heart Wants What It Wants” singer posted this hilariously #fail-tastic video of her and BFF Theresa Mingus trying to pronounce Zaslavski, and they simply cannot keep a straight face as they slip up over and over and over again.

It’s OK, Sel. We’re sure Anton won’t mind giving you a one-on-one language lesson. *WINK WINK*