Ashton Kutcher Had Mila Kunis Join Tinder And Grindr

Mila was on Tinder before Tinder was cool.

Mila Kunis reminisced about the early days of her relationship with Ashton Kutcher on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Tuesday, and instead of recalling a sweet story, she told the tale of how her now-fiancé had her put herself out into the dating world. He asked her to join Tinder.

Now, that may sound weird, but there's a good reason. Ashton develops apps, and he asks Mila to try them out first. Turns out, even though the "Jupiter Ascending" actress was already taken, she loved the dating app.

"Swiping things left and right, like 'This is amazing!'" she told Kimmel, adding that she tried out Grindr ("the gay version of Tinder") too, at Ashton's request. Watch her explain: