Mom Freaks Out (And Curses Like A Sailor) When Her Son Returns After Two Years: Watch

Priceless video shows it's not always bad when your mom yells at you.

There's no telling how a happy mother will react when she's unexpectedly reunited with her kid: Shock, elation, disbelief ... it's likely to be a combination of those emotions and more. A new video showing a 25-year-old man surprising his mom after two years abroad captures her plowing through that whole spectrum of feelings, and some four-letter words.

Londoner Harry McGurk spent the past two years backpacking in Australia and Southeast Asia, and his mother was under the impression that he'd be gone another two years, the Daily Mail reports. But since McGurk's passport was about to expire, he had to return to the UK, and decided not to give his mom a heads-up.

The internet will be forever grateful that he filmed the reunion, which begins with him casually walking in and asking, "Mum, my key still work?"

Her initial response, as you can see above, is to start screaming and rolling around on the floor, before rushing in to hug him (while still shrieking). That morphs into bawling, and finally faux anger and cursing, as she ultimately calls him a (censored) "C" bomb.

They'll need to get all the quality time and emotions in now, though, because once Harry renews his passport he's apparently back off to the other side of the world.

"I'm leaving in March for Vietnam and then off to New Zealand," he said. "Mum is excited to have me back home but she's happy for me to travel the world too."