Wanna Know What Happens Next On 'The Walking Dead'? Watch This

A little bit of mourning, a whole lot of scheming.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

“The Walking Dead” is consistently shocking and sometimes painfully unpredictable, but you can always count on it for one thing: The action never stops moving.

Last month, fans were treated to an exhilarating new trailer for season five’s remaining eight episodes, the first of which premieres this Sunday (February 8).

Now, AMC has blessed us with the opening scene from the midseason premiere, and it reveals a lot about Rick and the gang's next big move.

To refresh your memory, we left off with the Grady Hospital showdown that ended in Beth Greene’s shocking death (R.I.P., girl).

In the new two-minute clip, it’s clear that the heartbreak from Beth’s death still hasn’t worn off — we see Maggie sobbing and Father Gabriel giving her a somber funeral service.

But in true “Walking Dead" fashion, it's not long before Rick fills the group in on their new mission: to reunite Noah with his family in Richmond, Virginia, per Beth’s final wish.

“It's a long trip but if it works out, it’s the last long trip we have to make,” Rick assures the group.

So there we have it: The group will finally hit the road and attempt to leave Georgia’s borders for the first time. And I’m toooootally sure they’ll make it there safe and sound without any trouble at all.