Watch Keanu Reeves Perform 'John Wick' Live

Next up: 'John Wick on Ice!'

People keep asking Keanu Reeves if he's back. Well…

The man who entered "The Matrix" reentered the blockbuster scene in a big way late last year with "John Wick," a frenetic action thriller about a legendary assassin who comes out of retirement to get revenge against the people who murdered his dog. It's a bizarre concept and an even stranger world, and based on its 83% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it sure seems that people embraced it all.

Is that the end for "John Wick," or is there more? It may not be, as one of Reeves' most recent collaborators, horror legend Eli Roth, has an idea for how to turn the action hit into a hit action franchise. Roth and Reeves, who worked together on the Sundance thriller "Knock Knock," spoke with MTV and floated out an amazing idea: "John Wick Live."

Roth revealed that he once asked Reeves to explain "John Wick," resulting in Reeves acting out the movie live and in-person. "He sat there, and just did 'John Wick Live.'"

Basically, imagine seeing scenes like this…

…live on-stage. How has this not happened already? For his part, Reeves actually thinks that his new movie with Roth, "Knock Knock," could work as a stage play.

"I could adapt it for the stage with 'John Wick,'" Roth offered. "Maybe it's a double bill."


"John Wick" is available on DVD & Blu-ray today (February 3).