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Taylor Swift's Cats Turned Into Ladies And Took A Photo Together

It makes sense, I promise.

We already knew that Taylor Swift is kind of a friendship wizard, but this photo she recently posted of her two "cats"? Well, it's pretty magic. Why did we put "cats" in "quotes" you may ask? Well, get ready for several layers of reality folding into each other like a delicious sandwich made out of fiction and fact and then fiction again -- sprinkled with a liberal helping of cat hair.

As you may already know, Taylor Swift has two adorably fluffy kitties -- one of which is named Meredith, after Ellen Pomeo's "Grey's Anatomy" character. The other, newer cat goes by the name Olivia Benson, after Mariska Hargitay's character on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit." My cat is named after Little Edie from "Grey Gardens," but that is irrelevant aside from the fact that all of our cats should probably hang, T. Swizzle. (Call me.)

We've seen several snaps of cat Meredith and cat Olivia chilling on Tay's Instagram, but never have we seen the actresses who portray both cats -- I mean, the cats' namesakes -- chilling on Tay's Instagram. Until now -- when Taylor shared this photo before last night's Super Bowl.

I'll just leave this here: