'Heroes Reborn' Proves It's Actually Happening With Super Bowl Spot

Save the promo, save the Super Bowl.

So far, there's been very little revealed about NBC's reboot of "Heroes," the show that ostensibly kicked off the superhero revolution on television. Titled "Heroes Reborn," all we've gotten so far is a text teaser revealed during the Olympics, a few teasy casting bits here and there... And that's it.

Until now, of course.

Airing during the Super Bowl, there's not a lot more footage than the Olympics teaser, but it does show off two key bits. Three, if you include the show's signature eclipse, surrounded by Captain Aurora of the Borealis Brigade.

The two most important bits, though? HRG, a.k.a. Horn-Rimmed Glasses Guy, a.k.a. Noah Bennet, the enigmatic man tasked with tracking down people with special abilities -- as played by Jack Coleman. He's a mainstay of the series, and for fans of the original "Heroes," seeing him back in his bespectacled costume is a thrill.

The other key bit? Zachary Levi, who fans may know better as "Chuck," or possibly the second Fandral from "Thor: The Dark World." Either way, with those two roles under his belt, and a company called Nerd Machine that regularly launches the pop-up Nerd HQ at the San Diego Comic-Con, Levi adds a significant amount of Geek Cred to a show that often struggled with giving savvy comic book fans what they wanted.

And that's all we know! The 13 episode mini-series will launch at some point in 2015, so stay tuned.