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Sweat, Balls And Lots Of Leather: The 'Fifty Shades' Super Bowl Trailer Is Here

Mr. Grey is probably a Seahawks fan.

It's one of the most anticipated events of the year. It's a few hours long, full of grunting, sweating and a whole lot of pain. We're talking, of course, about "Fifty Shades Of Grey," which finally hits theaters on February 13.

But before that, Universal just debuted a hot new look at the film during another event that's all about complicated contracts and people trying to take control... The Super Bowl.

In the adaptation of E.L. James' best-selling novel, Dakota Johnson plays Anastasia Steele, a mousy writer who gets brought very, very far out of her shell when she interviews reclusive billionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). After the two meet up several more times, they end up getting a little rough while piling on top of each other.

It's just like the Seahawks and the Patriots, except with slightly better suits, and Beyoncé instead of Katy Perry!

"Fifty Shades Of Grey" rams its way into theaters on February 13.