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Hozier’s Dreamy Cover Of Ariana' Grande's ‘Problem' Has Our Heads In The Clouds

We want you-hoo-hooo ...

If Hozier hasn't already taken you to church (or even if he has -- better yet, especially if he has), listen up.

'Cause the Grammy-nominated singer got super groovy at the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge covering his new pal* Ariana Grande's "Problem."

*They both performed at the Victoria's Secret 2014 Fashion Show, so naturally we just assume they're now besties for the resty and totally text on the reg. Right?

As the 24-year-old (yes, really) crooner often does, he completely removed the number from its pop-gum origins and gifted some sweaty stage-soul into it. Yum. Let's just say it'll definitely take some of that weight off your shoulders.

The thing is, Hozier's told us he's all serious about the lyrics and such, which got us to thinking about how perfectly this song actually does fit him.

'Cause first of all, he's legit got that whole head in the clouds thing going on.

Hozier loves his nature pics. Pretty much his entire Instagram feed looks like a collection of stock landscape shots.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

You get it. Home skillet loves his scenery. We dig it.

Then, there's also the fact that he's got no weight on his shoulders.

Well, we don't actually claim to know the pressures being a young break-out artist vying for the big G, but based on what he's told us about his upbringing, we suspect he's at least got some real estate over on Easy Street right about now.

Plus, he's a soloist and damn good at it.

He's definitely got one less problem without a singing partner. 'Cause Hozier by his lonesome >>>> everything else.

Even Ariana can't help but jammy jam.

Better drag this one over to the repeat playback list, stat.