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Allow Jeff Bridges To Lure You To Sleep In His Uber-Chill Super Bowl Commercial


Jeff Bridges has been the master of all things chill since "The Big Lebowski" came out in 1998, but even The Dude would be impressed with Bridges' latest project. In "Jeff Bridges' Sleeping Tapes" -- which you can check out yourself at -- the actor uses ambient sounds and guided meditations to help listeners get a better night of sleep, and the Super Bowl commercial that promotes this project will surely be one of the more mellow offerings of the night.

"I love listening to intriguing sounds when I drift off into my dreams," Bridges says in the teaser for the commercial, before pulling out a (music) pipe and playing some comforting sounds.

Check out the commercial below, but be warned -- you might want to have a pillow handy, in case Bridges' smooth voice and even smoother jams put you "the f--k" to sleep:

And here's the Om-tastic spot that aired during the Super Bowl itself.