Watch T.I. Absolve Himself Of His Sins In His New 'G' Sh-t' Video

Only to go on and sin some more.

T.I. time-travels back to the past in his cinematic video for Paperwork track “G’ Sh-t.”

The Chris Robinson-directed clip begins with Tip (Buddy) getting baptized at the Church of God & Christ in Atlanta circa 1963 before going to have a sit-down with his partner in crime/rhyme, Jeezy (Slugger).

“Born again,” T.I. tells ButterBean (Wood Harris from “The Wire”). “I am the same, I just got a clean slate. I’m washed clean of all my sins.”

Da Snowman feels differently, though, because “there’s no money in the Lord’s house.” But he relents, giving his partner the conn to execute “The Plan.”

“I will enable us to apply more strategy, shoot less people and make more money,” T.I. says.

The duo then reconvene at their swanky juke joint, where they perform gangster lyrics in sharp suits and discuss the finer points of “pie division” with bribe-demanding police officers.

Tragedy ensues, though, in the end of the 12-minute mini-movie, prompting Buddy to take Slugger’s advice to meet violence with violence.