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That Baby From 'American Sniper' Is Really Pissed At You For Calling Him Fake: Watch

Takes a fake baby to know a fake baby.

The issue of the authenticity of "American Sniper"'s portrayal of the Iraq War is a messy, complicated issue (see Larry Wilmore's "Nightly Show" recap for proof), but there's one thing about the film that even Fox News will agree on -- that baby was fake as hell.

Or was it?

The fake baby/viral sensation has officially fired back at his critics via YouTube, calling them out for their own hypocrisy.

"First of all, I object to being called a fake baby by CNN, ABC News, and 'The Today Show,'" Fake Baby says in his scathing rant. "I've got less plastic in me than half the actors in Hollywood."

Also, even if he is "plastic," that certainly didn't make working with the film's bulky, beautiful star any easier.

"You try being cradled in Bradley Cooper's arms for six hours and not wetting your pants."

I mean, the man (er, baby) has a point. Check out his video below, and next time, be a little bit more careful with your words: