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Joey Bada$$ Doesn't Just Rap About Curry Chicken, He Makes It, Too

Chef Joey steps in the kitchen.

Joey Bada$$ finishes his debut album, B4.Da.$$, with the track "Curry Chicken." It's one of the most personal songs on the project, which dropped last week, and is less about the dish itself than his family and what that dish -- which his mother often made for him growing up -- represents.

It turns out Joey inherited some of those genes in the kitchen.

With the help of First We Feast, Badmon linked up with chef John Seymour, owner of New York chicken and waffles spot Sweet Chick, to step in front of the stove and repay his mom. It was all caught on camera and edited into a viral video, but first, he explained why it's such a special dish.

"Curry chicken, to me, is something that's always been close home," he told Seymour. "In the hook [of the song], it's like me basically leaving home and taking on the world. It's me telling my mom, and telling my pops, 'I got y'all backs, [and] I got my own back, too.' You ain't gotta worry about nothing, as long as I come home for some curry chicken and some dinner. That's what curry chicken means to me: Home is where the heart is, and curry chicken is in there."

From there, Seymour leads the way, while Joey leant and assists to chef up some chicken and waffles that the two snack on together.

The next night, they invite the rapper's friends and family -- including his mom -- to try out the grub, and Joey even hits the crowd with a performance of "Curry Chicken."