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4 Beauty Looks From Sundance You Can Actually Do Right Now

Sundance is well underway in Park City, Utah and while we've been keeping a close eye on all the movies premiering, we've also been monitoring everyone's beauty game out in the snowy tundra.

There are a ton of totally, 100% wearable looks—things are pretty low-key in Utah, after all—from a bunch of our faves. Since you may be cooped up inside for the next few days—#Snowmageddon2015, amirite?—now is the perfect time to practice putting on your eyeliner. When you emerge from the comfort of your home on Wednesday, you'll be totally #covermoment ready.

  1. Chanel Iman
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    LBR, it's pretty easy to look flawless when you're Chanel Iman, but her nude lip and dark liner combo is excellent. Normally, it'd seem pretty ~risky~ to pair totally clean skin and a matching lip, but Chanel pulls it off seamlessly.

  2. Mindy Kaling
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    Mindy Kaling's bright red lip makes it seem like, um, maybe the cold isn't even that bad? Since her lips are making a major statement, Mindy kept her eye game subtle, with a subtle silver sparkle.

  3. Hailee Steinfeld
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    Like Chanel Iman, Hailee Steinfeld opted for totally dewey skin—she paired her tawny blush to her lips and the overall effect is gorgeous. Topping off the look, though, is Hailee's insane—I mean, DANG—lashes. If being in the cold encourages lash growth, BRB, I'm moving to Alaska.

  4. Alison Brie
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    Alison Brie—probably unintentionally?—matched her rose lip color to the backdrop color of the step-and-repeat almost exactly. Adding further evidence to my cold = lash growth theory, Alison's lashes are equally as enviable as Hailee's and paired with a very subtle copper shimmer.

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