Nikki Reed Shows Us How To Be The Ultimate Sundance Cat Lady

Reed partnered with Fresh Step to host the best Sundance event ever.

Most of the celebrities braving the Park City cold at the Sundance Film Festival are here to promote their own, very human projects. But for Nikki Reed, Sundance is all about the cats. In short, it's Catdance.

Catdance, "fur" those not in the feline know, is a yearly party presented by Fresh Step that features the best original, scripted short cat films of the year. Reed served as host and judge this year, awarding the coveted Golden Litter Scoop to her favorite film -- and if any of this sounds strange to you, then you clearly know nothing about Ms. Reed.

"I have four dogs, three cats, and two horses," Reed told MTV News. "I’m kind of a mini-farm... So Fresh Step approached me, because Catdance is a very fun part of this festival... It’s right up my alley. It’s a form of combining entertainment with a really powerful message. And all of the cats are adoptable... and not only is this guy adoptable, but he has siblings, and they’re all available at"

By "this guy," Reed means this guy, Orion, who accompanied her all day while she did press:

Though her focus was on the cats in Park City, Reed's heart belongs to her multiple cats at home, including newcomer Sohalia -- whom she recently adopted with her rumored fiancé Ian Somerhalder.

"Sohalia is a lunatic," Reed said with a smile. "Sohalia goes into the refrigerator, she goes into the laundry basket, she goes into my closet. She eats everything off of every plate. She runs the house, but I love her, and just sort of let her do what she wants to do."


And regarding her engagement to Somerhalder, Reed kept mum -- but she did say that combing their two harems of furry friends had its challenges.

"With all animals, you have to introduce them properly," she explained. "But we have a big, happy family."

Of course, fans of Reed and Somerhalder are thrilled to see how that happy family grows, one pet at a time. But for now, let's all sit back and enjoy the film that Reed chose for the Coveted Golden Litter Scoop: "French CATastrophe," by Alana Grelyak: