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'Totally Spies!' Is On Netflix And Our Chill Is Officially Gone

WOOHP, there it is.

Spies, we have a mission for you. Drop everything, because "Totally Spies!" is on Netflix and it's definitely time to binge-watch. (And yes, it's just as great as you remember it to be.)

The animated series, which premiered on ABC Family back in 2001, followed a trio of Beverly Hills teenagers -- Sam, Clover and Alex -- who lived double lives as undercover agents for the World Organization Of Human Protection (WOOHP). It was like "Charlie's Angels" meets "Clueless" -- so in other words, it was perfect.

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With kickass moves, snappy one-liners, and style on fleek -- even their spy gadgets came in stylish, faux snakeskin -- Sam, Clover and Alex were our #WCWs before hashtags were even a thing.

But before you start reliving your childhood, be warned: here are the seven stages of binge-watching "Totally Spies!" on Netflix.

  1. When you hear the opening credits and know every word.
  2. When you see what Clover is wearing and think, "That's so 2001."
  3. When you hear Jerry's super British accent for the first time.
  4. When Sam takes total effing control over a mission because she's such a badass.
  5. When you find yourself weirdly attracted to an animated bro.
  6. When you just want to punch Mandy in the face.
  7. When you realize there's only one season available to stream on Netflix.