Anne Hathaway Is Doing A One-Woman Show, Here's What It's About

The Great White (Hatha)way.

Get ready to see a whole lot of Hathaway.

Fresh off the mysterious Christopher Nolan space adventure "Interstellar" and the upcoming indie "Song One," Anne Hathaway will hit the New York stage for a one-woman show, reported.

Hathaway will star in "Grounded" at the Public Theater from April 7 to May 17, playing the show's sole role: a star fighter pilot whose unexpected pregnancy leaves her, in a word, grounded. Instead of flying the sometimes-friendly skies, she is left to pilot drones from the ground in Las Vegas, musing on morality, drones and more.

Julie Taymor, who directed everyone's favorite musical, "The Lion King," will direct Hathaway in the limited run.