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This Lady Gaga And Adele Selfie Has 6 Clues That Point To Collaboration

We break down their 'bro-down' pic.

Lady Gaga and Adele together on a song. Sounds like a dream, right? I mean, it's weird for me even to type that out loud.

Well, according to this new photograph of them together, that dream can slowly morph into a highly speculated possibility. Gaga posted an Instagram with the British songstress, writing, "Nothing like a Wednesday night bro-down with the beautiful Adele."

Now, this may be just a random, casual pic with two superstars, who just happen to be in the same place at the same time. Except it's not. As Rafiki from "The Lion King" would say, "Look harder," while pointing at his reflection in an African desert (here, we're just going to be looking at Instagram, so don't get carried away with the desert thing). Here's my theory on why this photo means collaboration:

1. The computer

Look at the bottom of the photo. See that laptop? The laptop that's probably equipped with the finest music recording software available on a Mac? Yeah, that's your first clue. Why would Adele be clutching it for a photo? My answer: On that very computer probably exists the beats to a sick new Gaga/Adele track.

2. They both are due for new music

Step back from the photo for a second (fun fact: you should be resting your eyes away from a computer screen every 20 minutes). Let's just think about how Adele, whose 21 came out back in 2011, is due for a new record. And Gaga, who has admitted on her Instagram that she can't sleep because of all the lyrics running through her head, is definitely working on something.

3. Gaga's smirk

Back to the photo. See Gaga's sly little smirk? Doesn't it look like she's up to something? Doesn't it look like she's saying, "Hey, Adele. Let's post a selfie together and drive our fans crazy when they try to decipher the photo. Muahahah!" Joke's on you, Gaga. I'm still perfectly sane. Except I'm weirdly craving Doritos.

4. Adele's smirk

While Adele's facial expression says more "OK, Gaga, if you really want a photo, we can take one," the glint in her eyes gives a hint that she's keenly aware of the greatness that they created together.

5. The chandelier

Maybe I'm digging way too far into this, but no. The chandelier in the background gives us a clue that they are in a fancy locale -- most likely one of their lavish houses. The chandelier spreads an air of exclusivity and privacy, like what they are up to is top secret. TOP SECRET.

6. The caption

Are you damn serious with that caption, Gaga? Trying to downplay the severity of this situation by using a disgustingly casual phrase "bro-down"? Does "bro-down" equate to "making gorgeous music together under a chandelier"? "Bro-down" shows us that Gaga is trying to play it cool, but may be trying too hard. Let's be honest: Gaga and Adele do not simply "bro down." Unless they do -- then I would look pretty stupid right now.