23 Photos That Prove You’re Actually More Like A Kardashian Than You Think

Bet you didn't realize you're basically a Kardashian.

For years we've been "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," because let's be real, they're just like us.

I'm serious. Like for real, serious. Yes, they're the most famous family in the world, but when it comes down it, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie are just normal girls like us. Allow me to prove it to you with these 23 pics of the Kardashians doing stuff everyone can relate to -- cooking meals, taking selfies, and having family night.

  1. They Take Ski Trips With Their Bae

    Albeit to much more expensive ski resorts than your average scrub.

  2. They Have Adorable Moments With Their Babies

    Like every mom everywhere -- especially on Facebook!

  3. OK, Like, Seriously Adorable Kid Moments

    Can't handle the cuteness.

  4. They Have Fun Nights Out With The Fam

    Clearly French didn't get the tongue memo.

  5. They're Not Afraid To Experiment With Hair Colors

    Who hasn't impulsively raided the drugstore for a new shade?

  6. They're Not Afraid To Wear Matching Outfits

    Remember, the couple that dresses together, stays together.

  7. They're Not Afraid To Go Make-Up Free

    We've all been there, girl.

  8. They Take Trips To The Zoo

    Not sure I would want to get that close to a giraffe.

  9. They Make Their Own Meals

    Mine looks more like a bowl of cereal.

  10. And They Also Indulge

    Because not a human on this planet doesn't like pizza.

  11. But Then They Hit The Gym Hard

    Those legs don't squat themselves.

  12. ... Sometimes Too Hard

    The struggle is real.

  13. They Appreciate A Good Manicure

    Who doesn't?

  14. They Go On Double Dates

    Granted, your dates probably aren't with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, but they still hang with other couples.

  15. They Explore The Great Outdoors

    The call of the wild calls us all.

  16. They Take Up New Hobbies

    Always good to try new things.

  17. ... And Old Hobbies

    No bumpers allowed.

  18. They Steal Each Other's Clothes

    That's pretty much written in the universal sister rule book.

  19. And They Like To Play Dress-Up

    We are all Mario and Luigi.

  20. They're Still Kids At Heart

    I'm totally busting out my Barbie convertible.

  21. They Always Make Time For Mom

    No time like Mom time.

  22. ... And Their BFFs

    ...Or girl time.

  23. They Love A Good Selfie

    And so do you.