Amber Riley Tells Us What It's Like To Feel Different Because Of Your Race

'It was kind of like culture shock for me,' says Riley.

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Reporting By Rikki Martinez

For "Glee" star Amber Riley, race wasn't something she thought much about until she entered high school.

"When my mom and dad would talk about those things, it was just something that seemed like, 'Oh that was ages ago. It doesn't happen anymore,'" Riley told us.

"But 9th grade, I went to a predominantly white school... It was the first time that I had ever ran into feeling different -- and racism, and prejudice, and people asking me questions about my hair," she added. "It was kind of like a culture shock for me."

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Now Riley wants the younger generation to see color and talk about it so that racial bias doesn't "seem like it's a myth or a fantasy."

"I do think that we have to tell our children about the history of America, especially about the slave trade, and especially about the Civil Rights movement," Riley said. "We definitely have to tell our children about it because if we don't, we're doomed to repeat the past."

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