Charli XCX And Rita Ora Are Barbie Thelma & Louise In 'Doing It' Video

Bonus: Stripper cops.

Charli XCX and Rita Ora have spun a '90s-tinged, pink-plastered, Old-West-Meets-Vegas fever dream with their new video for "Doing It" -- a bonus collaborative track off of Charli's Sucker.

“I wanted it to be like this badass Barbie Thelma and Louise-esque video,” Charli told Buzzfeed. “So we robbed a store with toy guns, rode a bucking bronco and nearly crashed a pink pick-up truck through the desert.” Plus! There are cops with nipple tassels! (Male cops.)

She pretty much sums it up right there, so all there is to "do" now is watch...