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Ariana Grande's Coming To The Big Screen: Watch The Trailer

Get ready for 'Underdogs,' coming soon.

Remember how Ariana Grande was added to the voice cast of "Underdogs" last fall? You know, that English re-dubbing of a computer-animated Argentine movie called "Metegol"? The one about foosball?


The first official trailer for the American version was released on Friday (January 16). Check it out below, and see what kind of waaaaaacky computer-animated adventures the "Love Me Harder" singer and co-stars Matthew Morrison, Nicholas Hoult and Katie Holmes get up to.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, "Underdogs": "centers on a shy but talented foosball player (Morrison) who must defend his town and the girl he loves, Laura (Grande), from [the] nefarious soccer player Ace (Hoult)."