Samir Hussein/Getty Images

11 Times Ariana Grande Almost Died

Glad you're still with us, girl.

Sure, Ariana Grande looks youthful and full of life, but she's actually had her share of near-death experiences. She's a survivor. She's brave. Ariana Grande is a true warrior, people.

From almost getting clobbered by a Victoria's Secret Angel to avoiding death by Jim Carrey, Ari has seen her life flash before her eyes, and it's about to flash before yours too. Here are nearly a dozen ways Grande has escaped the jaws of death:

  1. She dodged a Victoria's Secret model before it was too late.
  2. She battled a deadly, scary fly before breakfast.
  3. She met the fatally awesome Jim Carrey.
  4. She giggled herself to the brink of life.
  5. She worked herself up about Gaga's New Year's Eve performance.
  6. She found an old notebook her friend gave her. Death ensued.
  7. She got lost while visiting Liz Gillies and was a ghost for a sec.
  8. She was almost taken from this world by confetti.
  9. She got a follow from Rihanna and saw the Pearly Gates.
  10. She drank too much Red Bull. Or something.
  11. She overslept.