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What Was Taylor Swift Thinking During That Awkward Run-In With Harry Styles?

RIP me.

Nothing is worse than running into your ex. Nothing.

So I feel you, Taylor Swift. See, the 1989 singer was just casually hanging out in a hotel lobby with her girls from Haim and some other friends when, in walks a shaggy- haired guy by the name of Harry Styles.

In a video obtained by TMZ, the One Direction star is seen talking to someone in Taylor's group of friends, while the "Shake It Off" singer keeps her head buried in her phone, looks around the room avoiding eye contact and eventually walks away without talking or, by the looks of it, ever acknowledging her one-time boyfriend.

Now, in Harry and Taylor's defense, we don't know what down before the paparazzi cameras started rolling. It's quite possible that they exchanged pleasantries beforehand since they're reportedly "friends again" and Harry considers himself "lucky" that Taylor wrote all those songs about him.

But no matter what happened, I think we can all agree that anytime you run into an ex, it's a bit awkward. And after watching and dissecting the body language in this video several times, I had some thoughts about what exactly was going through Taylor's mind as she "texted":

Breathing Is Important

Because This Is...

And A Little:

I Guess We Are Not...

But Maybe Taylor Was Texting To Remind Herself:

And That's Why She Put The Phone Down:

But She Couldn't Help But Think: