Street Harassment Is Even More Gross When It's Scrawled On The Actual Street

This really puts the 'a$$' in asphalt.

Someone has gone and taken street harassment to new levels -- as depicted in a video made by "Warm Bodies" author Isaac Marion. Yup, a tagger has taken catcalling to the actual street.

While traversing a jogging path in his hometown of Seattle, Marion spotted a message scrawled on the asphalt spelling out what your average catcaller shouts at female joggers -- complete with the oh-so-wonderful command to smile (and some pretty dicey language -- so be warned).

The author recorded the message on film and shared it to YouTube, scoring it with the theme to "Star Wars."

It's unclear whether the graffiti is some kind of social art project or just some dude being a jerk, but we imagine it would be pretty jarring to happen upon the scrawl while out for a jog.

The concept of catcalling as harassment received massive mainstream attention last year when a video featuring a woman being catcalled more than 100 times in one day in New York City went viral.

How would you feel if you came across graffiti like that in Marion's video? Share your experiences with street harassment in the comments below.

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