Grayson County Sheriff's Office

Teen 'Bonnie And Clyde' Fugitives Allegedly Destroy Cattle Farm In Southern Crime Spree

Couple suspected of stealing trucks and money in multi-state rampage.

Two Kentucky teenagers have allegedly embarked on a crime spree across the Southern U.S. involving stolen automobiles, weapons and money -- which has caused thousands of dollars in property damage -- leading local authorities and news outlets to dub them the adolescent version of Great Depression-era outlaws "Bonnie and Clyde."

The suspects — Dalton Hayes, 18, and Cheyenne Phillips, 13 — have been on the run since Jan. 4, ABC News reports. (Hayes wasn't aware of their age difference, his family told WDRB.) For the first week the couple went missing, Hayes and Phillips were thought to be runaways, but as of Sunday, they are suspected of stealing a truck in Grayson County, Kentucky, and have been considered fugitives ever since.

Grayson County Sheriff's Office

After that alleged auto theft, cops say the teens drove through a cattle farm and into the woods to shake pursuing officers. Local ABC affiliate WHAS 11 reports that police eventually recovered the truck, which had sustained approximately $7,500 worth of damage.

And then the duo allegedly stole a second truck.

Police believe Phillips and Hayes subsequently traveled in a stolen red 2006 Toyota Tacoma, which may have had a firearm inside. Security footage placed the pair in a Walmart in South Carolina on Monday; the Tacoma was recovered in Georgia on Wednesday.

And then they allegedly stole a third truck.

A silver Toyota Tundra, also believed to have firearms inside, was reported stolen within walking distance of that recovered Tacoma, according to Henry County officials. Phillips and Hayes are the suspects in that theft as well.

In addition to stealing trucks and tearing through property like real-life "Grand Theft Auto" characters, the couple is suspected of cashing stolen checks. But Hayes' mother is scared to think about their next move.

“[Dalton's] never went this long without contacting me, and it’s really very stressful," she told WHAS. "I'm just worried that they're not safe anymore."

Police urge anyone with information on the two suspects to immediately contact local authorities. Watch the ABC News report below for more: