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Boyhood's 'Hero' Video -- And Creation Story -- Is A Tearjerker

Family of the Year released a new music video to celebrate those Oscar nods.

What better way to celebrate three Golden Globes wins and six Oscar nominations than with a brand-new music video for a film's signature track?

Family of the Year released a video for their track "Hero," off of the soundtrack for "Boyhood," Thursday (January 15) -- a poignant little piece of film encapsulating the ethos of both the movie and the song.

"Hero" was a very personal track for frontman Joe Keefe, who, according to the New York Post, was essentially homeless (in a band-on-the-road kind of way) before he wrote the jam, which deals with something everyone in a band grapples with: growing up. How fitting for Richard Linklater's coming-of-age tale.

Since the song's inclusion in the film, the band has done some growing up of its own -- garnering its share of attention and acclaim on the coattails of the popular film. Oh, and Keefe finally rented a house. That's some adult ish right there.

“Richard told me that the song was almost too perfect and that he was worried it hit the nail on the head a little too hard," Keefe told the Post. "But he went with it and we’re glad he did!”

The new video features clips from the film, as well as of the band performing the sweet tune. Check it out above.