Watch Rob Dyrdek Pump Up Chanel West Coast -- With Help From A Penguin

The hip-hop artist got a whole lot of inspiration to film her new video.

If wish, prayer and your morning affirmations just aren't whipping you into proper dream-chasing shape, it's time to call in Rob Dyrdek.

On tonight's "Fantasy Factory" episode, the eager stuntman admitted that he was so impressed with Chanel West Coast's latest single, "Bass in the Trunk," that he was willing to produce and pay for its corresponding video shoot. Oh, and he also sealed the deal by slicing open bottles of celebratory champagne with a most bosses do.

Though CWC has proven to be a formidable hip-hop act over the years, her mentor wanted to ensure she was in the right frame of mind to tackle the project. And so, in a single, impassioned speech, he set fire to young Chanel's spirit and, with the help of Pepperoni the Penguin (yup, Pepperoni the Penguin), ensured a slam dunk would soon follow.

(More powerful than the "Miracle" oration? Might just be...).

Sure enough, Chanel absolutely nailed the shoot, and we have no doubt Rob played a crucial role. Check out his "Fantasy Factory" pronouncement, watch Chanel's brand new video below (warning: it's the explicit version) and watch an all-new "Fantasy Factory" next Thursday night at 10/9c!