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This Restaurant Has A Kim And Kanye Valentine's Menu, And It's Gonna Break The Internet

Eat sexxxy.

Ah, Valentine's Day -- a time for kissin', huggin', cryin' and fondly reflecting on some of the greatest romances of all time. You know, like Kimye -- the King and Queen of our pop culture-saturated ventricles.

Come February 14, Brooklyn residents can share in the glory that is Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's union with a special Kimye-themed menu at locale restaurant, Brucie. And, if you're down with that whole "you are what you eat" philosophy, you and your boo will feel extra sexy after noshing on those five courses of fabulousness.

Chef Zahra Tangorra has really outdone herself this time around; she served up a Beyoncé-themed menu last V Day. Diners can choose from either the Kim or Kanye menu, the former of which features lots of foods with the letter "K" subbed in (stuffed kalimari, mak n kheese, etc) and, as the central dish, khicken fried rump roast. I see what you did there, Tangorra.

Kanye's menu plays more off of his song titles than his anatomy, with such dishes as "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" -- a delicious squid ink pasta dish -- and "Bound 2" pork. Appropriately, the final dish is titled "Imma Let You Finish," and features Pernod yeezecake with Chantilly cream. Whatever that is/Let us eat it all.

There's also some shareables on the menu, such as "The North West," a salmon dish with bacon-braised greens. Never have I wanted to eat a baby more.

Make your reservation post haste. No ifs, ands and rump roasts about it.