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Jared Leto Shares A Throwback Selfie That Predates The Word 'Selfie'

The year was 2000...

If you can't recall what life was like before cellphone cameras helped give birth to the selfie as we know it, Jared Leto is here to give you a little photographic history lesson.

The Oscar-winning actor and Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman posted a "pre selfie selfie" on Instagram Wednesday (January 14) with director Darren Aronofsky, taken while filming “Requiem For A Dream” together.

That means the photograph dates all the way back to the year 2000. Back when Y2K was a legitimate threat, cell phones were basically glorified beepers, so the youthful duo had to use an actual camera to take their self portrait.

“My friend @darrenaronofsky's pre selfie selfie. #requiemforadream,” Leto wrote.

Since the “Black Swan” auteur and the “Dallas Buyers Club” actor’s pic was snapped during the filming of their psychological drama, it predates the first recorded usage of the word "selfie" in 2002.

“[The selfie] really begins in the 1600s when Rembrandt famously paints a self-portrait,” Ben Agger, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for Theory at the University of Texas at Arlington, told MTV News. “That takes us up to the fateful year of 1839…a guy named Robert Cornelius, who in 1839 snaps the first photograph of himself. That brings us up to stage number three, which gives us the vernacular term ‘selfie,.’ Some people think in 2002 … an Australian Internet citation apparently first uses the term ‘selfie’.”

This concludes your history lesson. Hope you took notes -- there might be pop quiz next week.