Alex Winston's Lyric Video For 'Careless' Will Pump You Up For Anything... Even Going Nude

Why can't I be a cartoon character?

Yes! Alex Winston is back with her incredibly infectious choruses and a confidence that will have you spinning in circles.

The pop singer-songwriter released the lyric video for her new song, "Careless," on her MTV Artists page Wednesday (Jan. 14), and it truly is a moving work of art. Accompanying lyrics like "Languish, won't you leave me/ 'Cause I'm trying so hard/ And still I feel the weight of every pound like an anchor to the ground," images of Winston's black-and-white face flutter amid a wash of color. Her body is drawn with pencil, portraying her as nude and vulnerable while she asks, "Why can't I be careless?"

While a bass guitar palpitates underneath, piano power chords inject motivation into the track. Alex gets introspective while inspiring us all to question our limits on the crowd-sung chorus.

"Careless," which follows her 2012 album King Con, is available on iTunes.