The First 'Ex-iled' Competition Has The Earliest 'Challenge' Castoffs Sweating Bullets

Thomas and Hailey battle Dustin and Jessica to see who stays alive in 'Battle of the Exes 2.'

"The Challenge"'s very first losers' bracket is officially underway!

Last week, Dustin and Jessica, the first casualties of "Battle of the Exes 2," learned that they had a second chance to stay in the game. TJ explained that as part of "Ex-iled," the show's eliminated teams will face off each week in sudden-death competitions, after which the winners will stick around to face the next ousted duo, while the losers will be permanently booted. Ultimately, one supremely victorious couple will return to the cast house to compete for the big money.

Below, D&J take on Thomas and Hailey, who couldn't best Johnny in Averey in The Dome, and TJ warns they better be ready to sweat.

In "Sweater," the former couples are tasked with getting their heart rates up until their pores start opening, and scraping the corresponding sweat into a liter-sized jar. If either team can fill the thing within an hour, they automatically move on, but if not, it'll come down to who amasses more in 60 minutes. And when the guys get desperate enough to start squeegeeing beneath their shorts, we know they really mean business!

Check out the video, share your thoughts on the result and keep up with "Battle of the Exes 2" Tuesday nights at 11/10c!