T-Pain's Not Done Proving He Can Sing In New 'Say The Word' Video

He's gone, he's good.

T-Pain 2.0 isn't a fluke. The AutoTune aristocrat still hasn't announced a release date for his anticipated Stoicville: The Phoenix album. But in the meantime, he's dropped the new video for the emotional ballad "Say the Word (I'm Gone)."

And it's another mind-blower. After proving that he can really saaang last year in a NPR Tiny Desk Concert, Pain's latest is a moving ballad with multi-tracked vocals in which he effortlessly harmonizes with himself.

"Why do we do this/ Why do we chase after dreams, so stupid, so useless/ Why am I foolish/ Why am I made out to be translucent?" he sings with the accompaniment of a subtle, distant piano. Prepare to be blown away... again.