Will Ohio State Win Tonight's College Football Playoff National Championship Game? Mekka Don Weighs In

Juice, juice, juice, we got it!

If Ohio State looks more pumped than usual for tonight's College Football Playoff National Championship game against Oregon, chances are that former OSU football player-turned-lawyer-turned-rapper Mekka Don is partly responsible.

His indelible jock jam, “Juice,” was co-opted by the Buckeyes as its official football anthem for the season, and now they’re riding the song’s triumphal refrain into college football history.

“Juice, juice, juice, you got it/ Juice, juice, juice, I got it/ Juice, juice, juice, we got it,” Mekka raps.

The track’s hard-hitting, hypnotic beat is reminiscent of Wiz Khalifa’s ubiquitous sports team banger, “Black And Yellow.”

Even the song’s lyrics beat like a war drum, inviting anyone within earshot to rise up out of their seats with foam fingers raised aloft to shriek and chant along until the beat reaches its crescendo.

“Urban [Meyer] in the pregame got ‘em doing cals. A hundred-something thousand, so we keep it loud/ Them Buckeyes in the building let them fans speak, and we gon' keep it bouncing like we Slam T,” he raps.

Born Chukwuemeka Onyejekwe, the rapper, who crowd-sourced his debut album, The Dream Goes On, also licensed the song and merchandising to his alma mater, so he’s as much a part of LeBron James’ favorite squad as any player taking the field at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Although the Ducks are favored to win the title, Mekka’s still convinced that his team will prevail in the championship game on Monday (Jan. 12) -- the first in the post-BCS era.

“This game is a battle of two high-octane offenses,” he said. “Fans are in for a treat with a lot of scoring tonight. The Buckeyes and the Ducks have equally potent offenses, but the edge on defense goes to Ohio State. My prediction? Buckeyes 49, Ducks 43.”