Using A Porta-Potty Earns Man $200 -- On MTV's 'Broke A$$ Game Show'

See why the upcoming series is like nothing you've ever seen.

Answer: A man steps into a porta-potty only to come out and find himself the lucky winner of $200 in a segment for this upcoming MTV series.

Question: What is "Broke A$$ Game Show"?

Ahh, yes, another game show has landed on MTV's airwaves, but don't expect traditional trivia Q&As, fancy lighting or elaborate sets this time around.

With hosts David Magidoff and Derek Gaines at the helm, the half-hour "low budget" comedy will take viewers to the bustling streets of New York City; there, unassuming contestants participate in wacky and zany challenges all for the sake of earning some cold, hard cash.

"Fellas, I really want to give y'all this money," Gaines admits in the show's official trailer. "It's just f*cked up how we gotta do it."

Let's be real: Where else are you going to find construction workers willing to twerk in their underwear? No, seriously, it happened.

So if you've got a case of a Mondays and need a laugh, press play ASAP:

Keep checking MTV News for "Broke A$$" updates, and be sure to catch the series premiere on Thursday, February 5 at 11/10c!