A Famous Director Once Told Young Meryl Streep She Was Too Ugly For A Part In 'King Kong'

Is it fair to say she's having the last laugh?

It seems outrageous to think but, sometimes, people are wrong about our queen of all things cinematic, Meryl Streep. Like Dino De Laurentiis Sr., the famous Italian director/producer who dubbed her too ugly to be in one of his films. Seriously!

After starring in a play and impressing the likes of Dino Sr.'s son, Streep was brought in to audition for the female lead in De Laurentiis' 1976 remake of "King Kong." But not even his speaking in Italian could shield Streep from the truth when the prolific elder moviemaker said to his son "Che brutta!" Which Streep tells Graham Norton during a recent appearance on his show loosely translates to "Why did you bring me this ugly thing?"

Naturally, Streep understood what he was saying in Italian (because of course she did; after all, she is cooler than Clooney) and responded in kind, apologizing for not being attractive enough for his monkey movie.

So next time someone puts you down for your looks, don't take it too personally — if Meryl can brush off the haters, so can you.