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Jon Hamm Calls The 'Mad Men' Ending Super Painful, But He Has An Idea For A Spin-Off

We'll get the final episode from the AMC series this May.

This spring, "Mad Men" will start to come to an end, and its loyal fans aren't the only ones mourning. The AMC drama's star Jon Hamm told reporters earlier today (Saturday) that the ending of the season has been "super painful" for him.

Since the show first aired in 2007, Hamm has played the lead role of Don Draper, the creative director of a fictional advertising agency set in the 1960s. On April 5, the first episode of the series's final run will air. The seventh and final episode will air on May 17.

"Honestly, there's no version of this ending that is not super painful for me," Hamm told reporters at AMC's panel during the 2015 Winter TCA Press Tour. He credited his fellow cast members for his positive experience on the show. "Mostly it's because of these people... they've been the single constant in my creative life for the last decade. That's kind of tough."

Hamm is looking forward to sharing the series's actual resolution with all its fans, however. "I will be happy when the shows air and I won't have to fake like I don't know how it ends or make up some ridiculous story about robots or zombies. But I will never be able to have this again and that's a drag."

He did have an idea for a spinoff: "Better Call Pete," a knock-off of the "Breaking Bad" spin-off "Better Call Saul" with Vincent Kartheiser's character playing the title role!

Okay, he was joking, but we can still dream.