Liam Neeson Is A Dirty, Trash-Talking Arm Wrestler: Watch

The 'Taken' actor took on Jimmy Fallon in a battle of the biceps.

Arm wrestling matches don't normally make for great television; a few seconds of straining and grunting, and then BAM, it's over. But when you add in a trash-talking "Tonight Show" host, and an equally trash-talking Liam Neeson, things stay interesting for a full four minutes!

Neeson is making the rounds to promote "Taken 3," but he had plenty of time in his busy schedule to arm-wrestle Jimmy Fallon last night, where the two grappled over a table while exchanging ever-more-detailed threats about what each would do to the other after he won. There are only two things you need to know about the outcome: Liam Neeson is now known as "Dick Rubnuts," and Waldo, that hat-wearing, world-traveling master of hide-and-seek, had better watch his ass.